We use our brains to understand our brains.  Stating this point might seem tautological and circular in reasoning.  However, it may be the most important fundamental perspective from which to view our attempts to understand each other and the space in between us, because it implies that each brain is necessarily limited and biased by its structure. 

Although our brains categorize phenomena we encounter for survival, this simplification process masks attributes that can lead to inaccurate conclusions One fundamental way that our brains have developed to thrive beyond an organisms lifespan is to make distinctions between males and females for reproduction. We have genes that code for proteins in our bodies that serve this purpose. We also have genes that code for mental traits that became provisionally linked to the production of these physical traits.  Although we underestimate differences that arise from traits we can not see, there is a biological explanation for differences between the way males and females process, think about, and behave in the world.  However, because females are being covertly forced to participate in an economic system that was socially engineered by masculine cognition, their genome is undergoing changes that are disconnecting the physical traits associated with reproduction from the originally feminine mental traits and linking them with masculine mental traits. So females who climb higher on the economic ladder are doing so, because they have more masculine brains -- not because they are proving that females have just as much potential to succeed as males do, per se.  So categorizing people with gender based labels is statistically misleading in many cases.  Attempts to apply objective standards to biological organisms with the ability to change behavior based on subjective understanding of these rules and outcomes implies that the scientific method as a means of knowledge acquisition has its limitations, not to mention that the scientific method itself was formulated by masculine cognition so to apply it to understand feminine behavior leads to misinterpretations.

Unfiltered Organic Thoughts/Not treated with "preservatives"/Not logically ordered as males is estimated that a majority of communication/understanding (especially feminine) is non-verbal, so the law/legal system privileges males, that renders justice difficult for females

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Because our sensory organ is immersed in the reality we are sensing, our perceptions are necessarily incomplete and biased by its structure. BATS This recognition is not meant to impress upon us the our brain is getting in the way of discovering an absolute truth because We cannot sense all of our awareness.  Although this .limitation does seem to discourages the pursuit of static truth, recognizing  creation of dynamic truth

Is our brain is getting in the way; causation, tree

leads to resolve categories that don't make sense

Our brain can ask questions that don't have answers

develop for other purposes

So distinctions we make between the mind and brain derive from 

Only recently have women have been officially granted the opportunity to participate in our economic, educational, legal and political system designed by males.   Kavanaugh

miracle on 34th street

It is worth noting that not all women wanted, but slippery slope has forced and men sabotage unconsciously

2 = opportunity to participate change females; Do we all really have equal opportunity to get to the top?

glasses supply and demand, logic


Classifying an entire economic system as a free market or communistic is overly simplistic.  We accept that our internal body dictates our drives such as hunger.

homo-economicus trump

a neuro-cognitive perspective on inequity: Paradigm shift of anglo-centric social-system that is analogous to adoption of sun-centered over earth-centered model of solar-system: cognitive epicycles See knowledge under Our Blog and Cognitive Resources tabs

suicide votes that don't count

who makes it to the top mt climb image

social engineering bridge image

designed to contribute

GLASSES IMAGE sci method, education math



tip of iceberg judge

Right to time, Tragedy of the Commons, Double Coincidence of Wants

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